**I just wanted to tell you how breathtaking this whole place looks.  I just stood there and looked at how beautiful it is.  You have truly transformed our Community Fellowship Center beyond our expectations.  The colors, the furniture, the window treatment.  We were really excited about your idea of creating a Meditation Garden and it is resoundingly wonderful.   Everything!!   It is absolutely beautiful!!  I know my Congregation will be very happy.   You have created the function of  just what we wanted. Your expertise…..what can I say….I’ve come to the point that whatever Venetia says “It is the Law”.   I have full confidence that whatever you say, whatever you recommend, go with it as we will not be disappointed.   We are very happy.  …..Pastor Dan
**My wife and I have lived in our home for 8 years.  We wanted to update the appearance and achieve a more modern and cozy look.  We treid to redecorate our home ourselves and used another professional interior decorator. The results were not to our full satisfaction. My wife managed to locate Venetia Boyd.  She proved to be more creative and imaginative than I expected. After one or two visits she was able to design a new look.  Each room was meticulously treated with colors, wall treatment, window treatments and furnishings that transformed our lovely home into a Very Beautiful home!  It's a joy to see the transformation.  We love our "new" home.------Milton S. 

__________________________________________________________**WOW! We absolutely love it -- boy do you know what you're doing!!!! :o)Thank you, again for all of your time, assistance and excellence!  Sharon :o)-


**Wow!  It’s beautiful.  It doesn’t look like the same room.  Girl, you know your stuff. ..CJ


**I am very pleased with the color selection for my home and how they all blend.  The painters were professional & worked diligently for the few days they were here.  I enjoyed working with Venetia who was at all times, professional, and confident that I would like the blend of colors. ------C Carrington
**Working with Venetia was absolutely wonderful.  She quickly embraced my desires & wishes & seamlessly put together designs that were perfect for each room.  The end results were BREATHTAKING!!! What a diligent and thorough professional!!! I am very happy.--Wendy V.
**Venetia, you did an EXCELLENT JOB!! The window treatments really dressed up the room, it just makes such a difference and tied everything in beautifully.  The added bonus was my husband's reaction at the finished look since he hadn't been a part of the process, he really loves it! ---Linda B. 
***Venetia, You did an AMAZING JOB with the remodeling of our basement, from a stuffed and dreaded place to a Wow.  We get so many compliments on the total new kitchen design and both bathrooms, the countertops, stylish sinks, just everything!!  There's no way I could have done this without you.  I'm so in love with that wallpaper for the kitchen, exactly what I wanted for the style I wanted.  And OMG, the plank wood accents.  You are the bomb diggety!!---M.C.