PASSIONATE in all the sense of Art & Creativity

Venetia Boyd is a Certified Interior Decorator, Certified Commercial Interior Specialist, Color Specialist, and a National Award Winning Interior Decorator having won multiple awards,  for her expertise in designing, furnishing, and refining Residential and Commercial environments.   Her vision is to help people achieve comfort, style, and beauty along with enhancing value in their homes and businesses.  While doing so, the ultimate expression is to reach beyond expectations in creating a beautiful look for each client based on THEIR taste and personality, thus uniquely tailoring their space to reflect completely WHO THEY ARE.  No style is beyond reach, whether it be contemporary, transitional, traditional, rustic, eclectic, antique, youthful, masculine, feminine, western, sports, nautical, name it......

Though formally  educated, Venetia gives Thanks to our Creator for the blessings of being  naturally gifted and incredibly multi-talented... namely consisting of interior design, drawing, painting, colorizing, song writing, singing, percussionist, graphic design, seamstress,  greeting card design, floral design,  crafts,  professional photography, videography, event & wedding planning....which wherewithall The Creative Enterprise is named.   Relative to Interior Design, her education includes New York Sheffield School of Interior Design,  Nationwide Decorating companies,  Design Success University,  North America’s Leading Professional Interior Designer Candice Olson,  Designing for the Sexes Professional Interior Designer  Michael Payne, and continuous education through various mediums. ​
Venetia has worked with a multitude of residential and commercial clients who have been EXTREMELY  happy with their new Decor.  She has  also been a contributor of a number of design seminars, and  interior design articles in the bi-monthly Woman’s Journal publication based in the Maryland area which expands throughout various counties.  Venetia has been sought-after from persons in various cities for her enthusiastic and creative abilities. With advanced technology, long-distance interior decorating and consulting is accessible. 

Venetia has always been passionate about CREATING .....and receives the greatest rewards when designing for others, making it truly a PERSONAL experience with PERSONAL results.  Since she has been  "creating & designing" in various forms all of her life,  her befitting expression is "Created to Create" ™.   
"If the space you're in doesn't look like you, doesn't feel like you, doesn't speak to you, then that's not your space.   A well designed space that is a creative reflection of you will tell the BEST STORY for years to come."